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Acne is one of the most common skin issues we all face at least once in a lifetime. Most of us make peace with our skin if we get 1-2 lesions and they promise to heal in 1-2 days.

But it never does, at first, Resurfacing Laser Treatment specialist in Bangalore we wait for natural healing, then we try and change diet, next comes home remedies and DIYs ….lastly we go to the doctor.

Let’s reverse the order …you get a pimple don’t pop it,see your doctor…..

It always pays to have an expert opinion, Laser Dermatology in Bangalore try and figure out the cause for your outbreak …which is most of the times multifactorial, get first-hand info about the best treatment options available for you and how you can work on changing lifestyle, diet etc to maintain an acne free skin.

Treatment options would always start with a good home care which includes.

  1. Cleanser – to balance the Ph of one’s skin and not for oil control as we all presume. Ph balance reduces the bacterial activity and helps nourish one’s skin.
  2. SunscreenThis is the best and the most neglected acne treatment. A good sunscreen actually helps acne to heal faster and also prevents the black marks or scars from appearing.
  3. Acne creams and tablets– These help to heal the lesions at a faster rate and we know all about these and would willingly use it.
  4. Moisturizer – This is the second most neglected and confused part of one’s home care. Stretch Marks Removal Laser Treatment in Bangalore We all feel an acne prone skin should be kept dry ….that’s a complete no …a hydrated and moisturized skin heals faster and better.

Chemical Peels: along with a prescribed home care one has to make sure that they do a series of chemical peel treatment. Chemical peels are made of fruit acids which help dry the existing acne and also helps reduce the marks. When done at regular interval and for one full skin cycle it gives remission from acne for a long time.

To conclude: Aim of treating acne is to prevent them from scarring as scarring is not only difficult to treat but also a scarred skin is more prone to acne.