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At Skinclan we provide you a wide range of treatment option for skin enhancement and brightening.

The first step towards skin care is to correct the texture. Textural correction gives the best enhancement to one’s skin. This is best done with treatments rather than with topical application and or oral medication.

Why not creams and tablet?

Foremost it’s very cumbersome to apply creams on daily basis. And tablets are best taken as a short course. Creams, when applied, bring about dryness or peeling of skin which might cause discomfort and also make your skin more sensitive. It may also not agree with your daily makeup routine.

a. Why say yes to dermarollertreatments/micropenning/peels?

  1. Hassel free :

If you have experienced treatments like microdermabrasion, peels, dermaroller treatment, you would agree with me that they are the best to help you maintain your skin. They have absolutely no downtime which means to say that you can be free of hassles like thedaily application of creams, swallowing tablets, avoid dryness and irritation caused by creams and moreover,your skin doesn’t become sensitive.

So you avoid all side effects and still have the best skin you desire for.

  1. Cost effective: we all know how expensive skin creams are. On an average, we do spend about Rs. 2000- 10000 monthly for our basic skin care. Not to forget facials and cleanups which do very minimal to enhance one’s skin.

Whereas a basic peel/microdermabrasion/derma roller would cost you Rs. 2000- 3000 minus daily hassle of cream application minus parlor expense and plus a brighter and healthier skin.

b. What are the side effects of dermaroller treatments/peels/ microdermabrasion?

Peels and microdermabrasion are very basic treatments. At SkinClan we choose to provide you with buffered peels so as to give you zero side effects. At the most one can experience dryness for 2-3 days which is a sign of shedding skin.

If one is afraid of chemicals and still wants to treat one’s skin then the answer is microdermabrasion.Its a process where one’s dead skin is removed with avacuum. No chemicals used.

Dermaroller treatments/ micropenning are skin enhancement treatments where microchannels are created on theskin which help stimulate collagen formation thus help you get a younger skin with every treatment. In addition,it also helps to close pores,fine lines,and acne scars.

Disadvantages: on a scale of 1-10 the pain would be around 2-3, 10 being the worst. It has a downtime of 2-3 days where one is expected to apply an antibiotic cream and sunscreen.

All the treatments given at SkinClan are carefully crafted not to hamper your everyday work schedule and donot expect you to stay indoors.

We always strive to give you the right information to help you choose better. For more information on any skin issues book an appointment: 9880135353.


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