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Laser Hair Reduction or LHR as its commonly known as is one of the most sought after hair reduction treatments across the world. If you are considering LHR, it’s always good to do your research on what to expect from this procedure, how is it done, and is it worth paying the big moolah?

Laser hair reduction treatments promise you a stubble-free life. But how true is this claim? If you are tired of those painful waxing treatments, shaving often, tweezing, then laser hair reduction treatment is something you should consider to live a hassle-free, unwanted hair-free life.
Before we move on to the 10 things you should know about LHR treatments, let’s address a few basic questions:

What is Laser Hair Reduction Treatment?

LHR is a medical procedure done by certified dermatologists. It uses a concentrated beam of laser light to remove unwanted hair. The light reaches the hair follicle and damages it.  This damage pauses the hair from growing back or sometimes delay their growth.

The most common treatment areas include legs, underarms, upper lip, chin, bikini line and hands too. The laser is aimed at only damaging the hair follicle and does not cause damage to the skin if done correctly.

How long does it take for treatment to show results?

The key to a successful LHR treatment outcome is being consistent with appointments. Results vary from one individual to another. It normally takes two to three weeks after the first session and almost 8-10 sessions to get full results.

But 90% of patients usually notice hair reduction by a great extent in just 2 to 6 sessions, some even faster, which means 6 to 12 weeks until you notice any good result. The procedure time depends on the area the LHR is being done. For a smaller surface area it may take as less as 10mins to sometimes 60mins if it’s on legs.

Now that you know what LHR is, here’s 10 things you should know about laser hair reduction treatment.

  1. Avoid Sun Exposure
    Strictly avoid sun exposure or sunbathing 2 weeks before and after the treatment. If you have a tan from sun or a fake-tan, you may have to reschedule your appointment. So if you are planning a holiday that involves sunbathing or beach tan, ensure to check with your dermatologist before and schedule your sessions accordingly.
  2. Stay Away From Waxing
    Waxing pulls out the root of the hair and removes it. For LHR treatment to be most effective, do not wax. The root of the hair must be present for the laser to identify. It is advised to shave 12-24 hours before the treatment using a clean razor, or just leave it as is for your dermatologist to check your hair growth and then remove it using a razor. Remember that for the entire duration of your LHR treatment, you must avoid waxing.
  3. Skip Applying Moisturizer
    This is applicable only on the day of your appointment. Your skin must be completely product-free, remember not to apply any moisturizer or deodorant or perfume etc before going into your laser procedure. It’s always best to go au naturale.
  4.  No Pain No Gain
    While most laser hair reduction treatments claim to be pain free, in reality it’s not quite the same. But it’s not very painful either that you will need to bite down your teeth with every laser zap. You feel the pain only if the hair is very thick and dense, or verysensitive skin. You can always ask for a topical numbing cream which can help. But most people say, LHR is just like a sharp pain for a microsecond and it disappears before you can even react.
  5. No Gym, No Swimming
    Don’t worry, this is not forever. Your dermatologist will advise you to avoid any gym or exercises or swimming for the first 24 hours after every appointment. This is because laser treatment would make the hair follicles open and high chances of bacterial infection is possible in the first 24 hours. So it’s best to avoid them just for a day!
  6. New Beauty Regime
    Scrubs, retinol creams, and glycolic acid products must be avoided 2 days before and after the treatment. You may feel a bit dry and adding an extra layer of thick moisturizer is suggested. Consult your dermatologist to know which suits your skin better. It’s also important to remember to avoid chemical peels two weeks before or after the laser treatment.
  7. Tackles Ingrown Hairs
    Laser hair reduction treatment helps tackle those stubborn ingrown hairs. It helps in causing less irritation by destroying hair follicles and also encourages hair to grow straight. Laser hair reduction thus adds to a smoother skin and clearer appearance that you always dreamed of.
  8. Have Realistic Expectations
    Do not expect to get rid of your hair in just one session. You should be consistent with your appointments and stay patient until the end of all sessions to see those fabulous results. Hormonal changes may lead the hair to grow back. So it’s important to inform your doctor beforehand about any medication you may be taking because this will allow your dermatologist to help you understand the pros and cons of the LHR treatment.
  9. Say Goodbye to Dyes
    You cannot pluck, bleach or dye the area of treatment until all the sessions are completed. This is important to see considerable results,if not the results may vary. It is quite normal to expect some redness post LHR session and check with your doctor on what moisturizers suits your skin the best.
  10. Suits All Skin Tones
    Laser hair reduction treatment can be availed by people of all skin tones. The hair must be dark enough to be drawn by laser pulse to be zapped. The results of laser hair treatment does not depend on your skin tone.
    Now that you know the Do’s and Don’ts of Laser Hair Reduction treatment, it’s important to note that results may vary for each person. However, they are not very expensive as they were earlier. Ensure to choose the right doctor for your laser hair reduction treatment.
    So why wait? Go ahead and book your first Laser Hair Reduction appointment with SkinClan’s experienced panel of doctors and say goodbye to unwanted hairs today!
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