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Stretch marks are extremely common and challenging form of atrophic linear dermal scars. They are most commonly seen during pregnancy, puberty and obesity. It is mostly seen when the skin stretches beyond its capacity to recoil. Mostly area with underlying fat are affected like abdomen, arms, breast,hips, thigh etc. it can also be seen around elbows, knees etc.

The most important step in the treatment of stretch marks is prevention. If the muscle below the skin is made to become stronger the burden of stretch is taken by the muscle and thereby prevents stretch marks. Chemical peel treatment specialist in Bangalore, This can be achieved by regular exercise. Other factors like taking Vitamin c rich food, good amount of water intake, hydration of skin with good amount of fruits and vegetable oils help to increase the resistance against mechanical stretch
During initial stage they appear red slightly raised and are itchy later they become wider, longer wrinkled and the color becomes lighter. Treating them at early stage is the most ideal. But in case of pregnancy treatments are differed, application of creams with hyaluronic acid, Trofolastin cream with Centella asiatica extract, α-tocopherol and collagen–elastin hydrolysates; applied daily from 12th week of pregnancy until delivery
has shown promising results.
Treatment of stretch marks at the initial stages is best done with combination of retinoic acid, glycolic acid and ascorbic acid creams. Skin Peeling Treatment in Bangalore, This works only when the stretch marks are red in color and have to be applied over 8-12 weeks to appreciate the results.
The latest break through in stretch mark treatment is with lasers, non ablative lasers both erbium glass and co2 lasers have shown significant results with as less as 3 sessions. On an average 50-70% improvement can be seen with 3-8 sessions.

AT SKINCLAN: We bring you Lumenis resurfx which is worlds best and true non ablative Erb glass laser. The results can be appreciated at the very first session.
Every patient is examined so as to see how well the elasticity of skin is preserved. Later treatments are planned. It can be a one or two-step treatment. It could be laser alone, a combination of laser with PRPor could be alternated with skin tightening procedures to enhance the collagen production and there by improve stretch marks.
If in doubt test sessions are advocated for a small patch Acne Scars treatment in Bangalore and depending on the results,further treatment is planned for the entire area.
To conclude,the saying “prevention is better than cure” still holds good for stretch marks. Even though topical creams have marginal benefits, laser treatment for stretch marks provide promising results and Lumenis Resurfx laser comes with a promise of at most safety and efficacy.