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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

We all desire hair-free life, but is it a dream we can achieve? Can we all get the benefit of hair removal lasers.

Traditional hair removal methods have been replaced by interventions using lasers. Lasers and heat-based devices have been in the market for some time now. Even though the claimed safety factors are higher with light-based devices, efficacy always goes in favor of lasers. There is a range of laser devices …ruby, Nd-Yag, Alexandrite, Diode, combination wavelength, etc. These differ in energy delivery and hence have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Even though permanent hair removal is what one expects out of the boss treatment… it’s not always true. A better term is LASER HAIR REDUCTION. The results depend on various factors …. Eg: type of hair, the thickness of hair, the color of skin, age, the direction of hair…so no one machine is the best.

How does laser work?

The laser works on the target chromophore, which is melanin and is abundant in thick and dark hair. Laser hair treatment/removal targets the entire hair structure including the hair bulb, thereby activating a phenomenon called selective photothermolysis, which helps in focal thermal necrosis of hair follicle. This helps in destroying the regenerative capacity of hair follicles, hence reduction in hair density.

The wavelength of different laser machines varies between 600-1200 nm, of which 810nm-DIODE and 1064nm-NdYAG are best for Indian skin type. Recently diode modified alexandrite laser has also been used in treating skin of color. The end result with various laser machines would more or less be the same, but a number of sessions and safety profile is different with a different machine. Efficacy improves with repeated and consistent sessions.

Laser Hair Removal in Bangalore @SKINCLAN

At SkinClan – skin laser hair clinic in Banashankari, Bangalore we use Lumenis Light Sheer DESIRE @805 nm which is known as the GOLD STANDARD TREATMENT FOR HAIR REMOVAL, globally. The efficacy of our machine has well been documented with high patient satisfaction and a high safety profile.

Laser Hair Removal – Pre-procedure workup.

Before we go into the work up segment one has to understand a few concepts: Unwanted hair, excessive hair, hormonal hair/hirsutism, and hypertrichosis.

Removal of body hair like underarms, legs, arms, back, etc., falls into the category of unwanted hair or laser hair removal for cosmetic purposes.

When female patients grow thick terminal hair over face, beard area, upper lip, inner thighs, lower back, etc., one should look for an underlying medical or hormonal issue before starting the treatment as the results and response to laser treatment for face & another hormonal dependent area is better once the underlying cause is taken care off.

Hypertrichosis is another condition where some individuals have excess hair which runs as a familial trait. Such individuals are tricky to respond to treatment and may require many sessions.

What to avoid:

  1. One should avoid alternate hair removal options like bleaching, waxing, epilation, plucking, electrolysis of the area under treatment.
  2. Avoidance of sunbathing, tanning, swimming in seawater is strictly avoided as tanned and photodamaged skin results in laser burns. If one is on a holiday, it’s recommended to avoid the procedure until tan wears off.

Must do’s post-procedure:

  1. Broad spectrum sunscreens: to start prior to and also post-procedure.
  2. Avoid parlor activity, steam bath, sauna, scrub etc.
  3. Moisturizer the skin well post-procedure.


When one starts with hair removal sessions, we do investigate for any hormonal issues if suggestive.

This includes thyroid profile, PCOS profile, ultrasound pelvic scan to rule out polycystic ovaries.

Once that’s established a set of 6-8 sessions is advised which will be spaced at 4-6 weeks. This first cycle of sessions will help to reduce the density of hair by 50-60%. The second set of sessions would be done on only the patches of hair, which grow back. This helps to reduce the hair further and also helps to prolong the hair cycle.

What to expect…

“LONG TERM HAIR REDUCTION “is a better term than permanent hair reduction.

One can expect to lose their thick, dark hair to about 80% on completion of 10-12 sessions. The remaining hair would become thin, which would be socially acceptable. One should not expect a hundred percent results.

Body hair. Esp: lower legs, hands, back, and underarms give the best and long-lasting results.

Women who have Hirsutism secondary to hormonal disturbance may require a number of sessions and also are at risk of regrowth because of their ongoing hormonal issues.

How many sessions would one require?

On an average one would require 10-12 sessions. We start with six sessions as one cycle and then move on to step two treatments.

In patients with hormonal issues, periodic cycles are done over a period of one year at SkinClan, Laser Treatment Clinic, depending on the hair growth. The duration between the first few sessions would be @10-15 days and slowly prolonged to 4- 6 weeks. This protocol helps the control of hair growth to a large extent.

Men would require more number of sessions and at longer intervals compared to females for satisfactory results.

Who can get laser hair removal done?

  1. Anybody above 15 years of age for Cosmetic reasons.
  2. Hirsutism secondary to PCOS or Thyroid or any other hormonal issues.
  3. Medical indications eg., Sycosis barbae, pseudofolliculitis, etc

Who should not be doing laser hair removal/reduction?

  1. Less than 15 years of age.
  2. Patients with sensitive skin, photo-exacerbated or photo- aggravated disease.
  3. Active skin infections like herpes, eczema to be done when the disease is not active.
  4. Keloid or Keloidal tendencies.
  5. Superficial cuts, injury.
  6. Psoriasis and vitiligo patients, inactive state.

What is Special at SkinClan – Laser Treatment Clinic?

At SkinClan – skin laser clinic, we always try to get you the best technology at affordable prices. We use the Lumenis light sheer diode, which is considered as the GOLD STANDARD in Laser Hair Removal Treatments. It comes with sapphire tip cooling, to help make your treatments more comfortable and pain-free.

At 805 nm, this laser technology has a well-established safety profile and efficacy has been well documented over a decade. Diode lasers, are proven time and again to be the most effective among all the existing laser technologies. At this wavelength, chromophore absorption is at its best and the laser light scatters less which enhances the efficacy. It also provides pulse duration up to 400 msec, which makes it safer for ethnic skin.

Procedure details:

  1. The treatment area is marked and the hair is trimmed with a trimmer or razor.
  2. Cleaned with cleanser or wash, should be free of makeup and deodorants.
  3. Cooling gel is then applied to the area to be treated, further the area is cooled with the laser tip and the area is lased.
  4. Post procedure cooling is done if required.

Post procedure care:

  1. Sunscreen and moisturizer application is compulsory and is prescribed to the patient.
  2. Immediate beach holidays and sun/ steam baths are to be avoided.
  3. In case of any persistent blisters or redness the patient is advised to contact us back.

To summarize laser hair removal is one of the most sort after the cosmetic procedures in present times. It’s very safe and very rewarding among the list of cosmetic procedures. The only requirement would be that the patient has hair which can pick the laser and would choose a dermatology – laser hair removal clinic to do the procedure.



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