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Prevention is the cure when it comes to anti-aging treatments. At SkinClan we always emphasis on starting your anti-aging treatments at 25 years. Chemical Peels service in Bangalore We must know that after 25 years aging sets in, the first sign is a reduction in collagen production and collagen starts breaking down. That’s the sign we all miss and ignore.

At SkinClan we have an organized and individualized plan for our patients. Individuals go through a complete screening so as to assess the aging and repair process of one’s capacity. One of our most sort after anti-aging procedure is skin booster treatments. It consists of hyaluronic acid molecules Anti Aging Clinic in Bangalore which whenintroduced into the skin either through mesotherapy or through injectables gives the best anti-aging solutions.

These treatments are FDA approved and the safest. Skin boosters anti-aging treatments work on improving the hydration of skin thereby reduce fine lines,Open pores and also helps skin recover from the everyday damage of air conditioners, pollution,and sun.

As a procedure,it’s very simple. A Numbing cream will be applied 30-40 min before the procedure. Skin is cleaned with all aseptic precautions and the medicine is injected in small bolus doses through a guarded needle which helps place the molecule at the same depth and in equal quantity Post Surgical Scars treatment in Bangalore. Later the molecule is massaged into the skin. After about 2-3 days one can see that the skin looks hydrated and gets back its natural glow.

One can repeat the procedure once in every 6 months to maintain the same. Anybody above 25 yrs can reap the benefits of these booster treatments. It comes with no downtime and doesn’t interfere with one’s regular routine or day to day practices.