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peelsDepending on the depth of pigmentation we choose the peel


* Superficial peel-glycolic 20 to 35%
* Deeper peels – jesner’s peel
* Retinol peel
* Body pigmentation- fenol peel


Pigmentation of any cause will be located either in the superficial or deep layer. Pigmentation in superficial layer responds better to peels. Peels work by removing the upper layer of the skin which has dense accumulation of pigments there by bringing about lighting effect. The process of new pigment production will be halted by oral medication and sunscreen.

Pigmentation that can be treated are:

* Freckles
* Photomelanosis
* Dark circles
* Melasma
* Dark arms, feet (tanning)
* Dark under arms, neck

Acne scars treatment of acne scar depends on age type old/new treatment of previous acne conditions and also on the skin health. Healthy skin, new scars, rolling and boxing in young patient respond better. Open pores, Ice pick scars, severe scarring, rosacea scarring, old scars and older patients are for poor responders.

They usually will need assistance like submission, TCA cross, PRP, hyaluronic acid injection which will help improve the depth of the scar and improve the health of the skin thereby improving the outcome of the scar treatment



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